What to Expect at Strathpine Chiropractic

Initial Visit

When you arrive for your appointment, please check into the reception. You will be given a confidential intake form to complete. Dr David Malone will take a comprehensive history to determine if chiropractic care can help you. If so, you will be given a thorough examination including postural, orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests to determine the exact location of your problem(s).

In the majority of cases, the new patient is adjusted on their initial visit to help them achieve relief quickly. In some cases it is necessary to refer the new patient for X-rays (bulk billed to Medicare), prior to receiving their first adjustment. X-rays are correlated to your examination findings, determine the extent of degenerative changes in your spine and help to exclude any pathology.

At the end of your initial consultation a subsequent visit, your report of findings, will be scheduled. 

Please allow up to an hour for your initial consultation.

Report of Findings

Our Strathpine chiropractor, Dr Malone will carefully correlate all the findings to determine the appropriate course of action...the type and frequency of adjustments and the timeframes for improvement.

This information will be presented to you at your report visit and all of your options for care will be thoroughly explained. You will receive a chiropractic adjustment on this visit. 

Please allow up to an hour for your report of findings visit.

Subsequent Visits

We value your time. Life can be hectic and people are busy! Your regular adjustment generally takes up to 20 minutes. During these visits you will be given postural advice and exercises to assist in your recovery.

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Strathpine chiropractor Dr David Malone examining a client

The examination includes postural, orthopaedic, neurological & chiropractic tests.

Chiropractor Dr Malone explaining findings to client

At the Report of Findings, Dr David Malone will explain his findings and recommendations.

Our Strathpine chiropractor performing an adult chiropractic adjustment Chiropractor David Malone during a child chiropractic appointment Our Strathpine chiropractor Dr David Malone performing a chiropractic adjustment